Sleeping room for 5: queen-sized bedroom downstairs, queen bed upstairs and room for an additional twin size bed upstairs as well. There is a large fridge, microwave, full size, 36″ shower stall, plumbed in the flushable toilet (not composting.) The house was custom designed for that site with the most available window square footage Tumbleweed has ever installed on the end of a house to highlight the mountain views. The 2 triangle windows in the gable end of the house are also a one of a kind feature not before seen on a Tumbleweed house. All Tumbleweed houses are built extremely well and are incredibly well insulated. R30 zip system sheeting surrounds the house with spray in closed-cell insulation fills the voids between all structural studs. The house is permanently attached to the custom-built trailer with hurricane straps and everything is double secured and built double strong. Tumbleweed houses truly are the Rolls Royce of tiny houses have been in business since 2006 they are built to the highest quality, insulation, and safety standards so much so that AAA has given them the classification of RV which is achieved by hardly any tiny houses this allows them to have a VIN# and be registered for RV insurance and RV loans from banks.

Truly a special house that would make a wonderful, remote home, vacation rental, hunting lodge, cabin on a lake that will easily stand up to any temperature extremes that Mother Nature can throw at her.